Highest quality Italian Riven Slate (Grade 1)

Thickness: 20mm

Finish: Raised textured finish showing the natural grain of the slate. Each hearth will be unique due to this being a natural product. 

Edges: 3 polished edges with an optional small chamfer (front and sides)

Colour: Natural Grey (unoiled) or Virtual Black (oiled)


20mm Italian Riven Slate


40" x 15" (1016mm x 381mm)= £150  

48" x 15" (1219mm x 381mm)= £165

54" x 15" (1372mm x 381mm)= £180

60" x 15" (1524mm x 381mm)= £205


40" x 18" (1016mm x 457mm)= £195 

48" x 18" (1219mm x 457mm)= £205 

54" x 18" (1372mm x 457mm)= £215

60" x 18" (1524mm x 457mm)= £245 

70" x 18" (1778mm x 457mm)= £285

48" x 24" (1219mm x 610mm)= £275 

54" x 24" (1372mm x 610mm)= £295 

60" x 24" (1524mm x 610mm)= £315

37" x 37" (940mm x 940mm) =  £365

(n.b square cut edges/no cutout. Polished edges and cutouts are possible - please email for details)

    I T A L I A N    R I V E N    S L A T E   
R E C T A N G U L A R     H E A R T H S



Our Riven slate will be a natural 'clerical grey' colour (unoiled) however if you prefer a 'virtual matt black' colour we can oil the hearth for you.


BESPOKE SIZE: We can cut down a hearth to a bespoke size. Simply add £15 per cut to the standard size required above. 

BOXED AND LIPPED: We can box and lip a hearth to give a greater overall height. For example, 30mm risers can be added under a 20mm thick hearth to give an overall height of 50mm. Greater and smaller risers also available on request.


BOXED FLUSH: Risers can be added flush to the edge of the hearth to give the illusion of a thicker hearth e.g. 20mm or 30mm flush risers to give an overall height of 40mm or 50mm.  

+ £65

SECTIONED HEARTH: Cut into 3 pieces (often for use with open fires/solid fuel in baskets or inserts

+ £30

REASSEMBLED HEARTH: Cut into 3 pieces (often for use with solid fuel) and reassembled and strengthened with slate struts (Boxed and lipped/boxed flush hearths only)

+ £65 to boxed and lipped/boxed flush price